“It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to be kind to others.”


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The 4 Squares of Life®
Written by John Howard Prin, LADC   

The 4 Squares of Live® diagram shows the recovery process many Secret Keepers follow. The start of any recovery program is to stop the pathalogical behavior and to take a 180-degree turn. On the path to recovery (see BOTTOM ARROW) you will soon begin to experience relief, and a reconnection with the spiritual, emotional, and physical world around you.

The 4 Squares of Life

This diagram is an invaluable aid in arriving at new choices with troubled secret-keeping clients. The most vital essential of John's recovery work is to guide clients into understanding their life purpose and to pursue it wholeheartedly. Clients face multiple barriers, both inner and outer, and these barriers can prove powerful.

In eight micro-lectures, John explains each of the phases in sequence, starting with the ADDICTION ARROW. Details and examples of how this works are available in Chapter 9 of his book, Secret Keeping.