“A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don't need it.”

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Fiction, TV & Film

John’s talents as a storyteller developed over his 25-year history of writing fiction: 10 years in Hollywood’s television industry as well as 15 years producing/writing/directing videos for his former media company in Minneapolis. In his spare hours he continues pursuing this passion. Currently, he is writing a novel about love, beauty and intimacy set in today’s sex-saturated, spiritually-splintered, media-manic culture –- a romantic drama about women’s and men’s shifting gender roles.

John welcomes comments and dialogue from readers of any writing projects on this site, click here. He also wants to hear from fellow writers, and learn about their work

Fiction, TV & Film

Screenplays Produced

Besides the movie scripts John wrote in Hollywood on spec and the decade he worked as an art director/set decorator on TV shows/commercials, he has written scripts for several documentaries (see partial list of Video Credits), and also has produced and directed two inspirational/educational video dramas:

Between Planes and Parents is a half-hour drama about children of divorce. Click here for publicity material. The story follows beleaguered 15-year-old Stacy as she shepherds her younger brother and baby sister through a hectic metro airport while they desperately search for the correct departing gate to visit their estranged dad. Emotionally frazzled, she questions the meaning of her unchosen fate and wonders, “Will we ever board the plane on time?”

Tulip Doesn't Feel Safe is an award-winning animated parable for children facing domestic violence. Click here for publicity material. When Tulip comes home from elementary school she finds her father expressing his anger towards her mother in harmful ways. She rescues her brother Rocky and hides in her bedroom during the fighting, then takes Rocky to her friend Pickle’s house where they learn practical ways to protect themselves.

Scripts Available for Production

Cora's Rhapsody tells the story of Cora Wylie, a mother who raises 8 children during the Depression on Minnesota's Iron Range and the five men in her life—hard-drinking husband, merchant father, gifted son, honest lawyer, and singing hobo (yes, historically accurate). Click here to see a synopsis.

Benchwarmer Blues was awarded Best Original Dramatic Screenplay by Houston Int'l Film Festival. It dramatizes the struggle of high school basketball player Chad Davis to be accepted by his teammates and win-at-all-costs coach. Forging an insightful link between today's obsessive competition in high school sports and urban racial trends, it models both conflict and harmony between white and black main characters. Click here to see a synopsis.

These screenplays are available to producers, directors, and literary agents who express interest. Please feel free to contact John.

Proposal for Feature Film

Pirates Plunder is in the tradition of great swashbuckler movies like Captain Blood (Errol Flynn) and Black Swan (Tyrone Power). This time-travel drama/romance highlights hair-raising adventures aboard 16th century pirate ships as well as digital-savvy 21st century treasure hunters. Click here for story and outline.