“You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person.”

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Video Credits

John Prin / Writer-Director-Producer

Client / Company

Title / Type of Video


Mayo Clinic

"Successful Recovery After Lung Surgery"
Patient Education


Ramsey County &
U of M Extension

"Dads Make A Difference "
Realities Facing High School Fathers


Mayor of Minneapolis

"Your City's Families"
How Government Serves Families


Partnership Resources

"Bringing Light to the Shadows"
Persons With Disabilities Documentary


Johnson Institute

"Tulip Doesn't Feel Safe "
Family Violence / Animated Children's Drama


Johnson Institute

"Peter Bell's Black and Recovering"
Self-Help / Addiction Recovery


State of Minnesota
Dept. Human Services

"Weaving Family Connections"
Child Adoption Training / Interactive


Goodwill Industries

"Annual Telethon Overview"
Homeless Documentary Feature


Asea Brown Boveri

"Four Star Quality"
Employee Motivation Documentary


JP Mediaworks

"Between Planes and Parents"
Drama About Children of Divorce


Sample Awards/Achievements

1996 ITVA Gold Screenwriting Award

"Lung Surgery"

1995 CINDY Award


1995 NEFVF Bronze Apple


1995 CHRIS Award


1994 ITVA Golden Reel Award


1994 NEFVF Silver Apple


1994 Crystal Clarion First Place

"Bringing Light"

1994 MN Community TV Award

"City's Families"

1993 Silver NY Festivals Medal


1993 Finalist NY Festivals

"Bringing Light"

1993 CHRIS Bronze Award

"Bringing Light"

Executive Producer ITVA Video Awards Festival '94


President ITVA Twin Cities Chapter '95-'96