“No amount of success in the office can make up for your failure at home.”

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Six Stages of Gaining Freedom

Changing your thinking is what really makes recovery possible. As your thinking changes, so will your personality and your character. Your moods will improve as your thoughts transform. The six stages listed below are a blueprint for successful recovery, and gaining freedom over harmful secret–keeping habits.

Six Stages of Gaining Freedom For details, see chapters 9-16 of John's book, Secret Keeping. Feel free to contact John. He is always glad to explain and answer your questions.

  • Surrender secret–keeping habits and attitudes
  • Accept your duality and start understanding it
  • Prepare to state the true facts
  • Disclose secrets (true facts) to somebody
  • Trust in a new worldview
  • Account for present and future behavior

"John Prin's Secret Keeping book is very interesting and well written. I have ordered several copies for my clients in treatment to read as part of their treatment plan. It has already made a major difference in several clients' lives."

- Rhonda McBride, Owner and Counselor
A New Approach Counseling Services - Houston, Texas