“No amount of success in the office can make up for your failure at home.”

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Stolen Hours - Endorsements

“Anyone in recovery will recognize the ground covered in Stolen Hours. Addictions wind through dark and mysterious ways. John Prin’s book provides much welcome light along this difficult journey. Everyone in recovery will benefit from this read.”

Earnie Larsen, best-selling author
of Stage II Recovery and From Anger to Forgiveness

“I found Stolen Hours to be an impressive and important contribution to our nation’s efforts to stem the epidemic of addiction in America. The secret is out about this fine book. John Prin delivers a powerful message about recovery and the new resources available to address the No. 1 public health problem facing our nation.”

US Congressman Jim Ramstad

"Stolen Hours reads like fiction. It grabbed me from the first page and I related to every person in it in some fashion. What makes John Prin's book different is that it shows how you can go through pain, instead of around it, and come out whole. John tells how he faced numerous trials head on and the ways he dealt with them one day at a time. I think readers will find the nitty gritty of how our growing-up years affect our adult lives to be enlightening."

Jackie Eastman, Bookseller
Wooddale Bookstore, Eden Prairie, MN

“John reveals his secrets in a deeply satisfying book…A wise and uplifting blend of insight and inspiration.”

Richard J. Leider - Founder,
The Inventure Group and bestselling author of Repacking Your Bags and Whistle While You Work

Stolen Hours makes a valuable contribution to understanding self-defeating behaviors. Mr. Prin’s stirring story, as well as his insights for readers contained in the sections, will help many who hide unhealthy secrets and struggle against compulsive urges and addictions. I enjoyed every page!”

Dr. Robert E. Hardy, coauthor of
Self-Defeating Behaviors

"I found Stolen Hours to be a book I could not put down. John Prin's compelling story of his journey through various addictions and life challenges to a God-given wholeness will resonate with many readers. I especially appreciate Prin's demonstration of how the Secret Keeper's "guilt cycle" of excitement, pleasure, and delight can be transformed into the excitement of seeking God, the pleasure of sharing divine presence, and the delight of being loved and comforted."

David Lenz, Pastor
Hope Presbyterian Church, Richfield, MN


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Stolen Hours

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